The impact of EU consumption on deforestation: Comprehensive analysis of the impact of EU consumption on deforestation

Focus on deforestation in value chain. Analysis indicates the link between land use changes and deforestation data, link between embodied deforestation and trade flows and final consumption in the EU.

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The impact of EU consumption on deforestation: Identification of critical areas where Community policies and legislation could be reviewed

Effects of consumption creates demand for land which can lead to deforestation in third countries.

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Annual Report on Human Rights Defenders at Risk in 2016

Reflects on communities and individuals that defend land rights, suffer of prosecution and arbitrary detention, corruption and delegitimisation

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Trends in size of tropical deforestation events signal increasing dominance of industrial-scale drivers

Deforestation driver trends mostly in Southeast Asia and South America are examined and demonstrate the need of this data to tackle forest clearings.

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Whose Development? Indigenous Peoples and Megaprojects in the Peruvian Amazon

In Peru, impacts of large-scale infrastructure, industrial agribusinesses and exclusive policies are confrontation and social conflict between local communities and the State

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World Bank development policy finance props up fossil fuels and exacerbates climate change: findings from Peru, Indonesia, Egypt and Mozambique

World Bank’s investment incentives and reform programs are pledge to assist countries to low-carbon development. So far did not reach the goal.

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Defensoras y Defensores Derechos Humanos en el Chaco Paraguayo: relatos de lucha por la tierra

Human right defenders experience harassment and violation because of defending indigenous land rights that are affected by large scale agribusinesses

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OECD‐FAO Guidance for Responsible Agricultural Supply Chains

Enterprises are encouraged to observe and have existing standards for responsible business conduct along their agricultural supply chain.

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Respecting free, prior and informed consent: Practical guidance for governments, companies, NGOs, indigenous peoples and local communities in relation to land acquisition

Free, prior and informed consensus minimises risk of disputes escalating into conflict. Implementation should be insured by governments to protect indigenous people and right holders.

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Large scale land acquisitions and REDD+: a synthesis of conflicts and opportunities

Large scale land acquisitions and REDD* study co-occur in different countries where competition for land can potentially lead to conflicts

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