Palm oil

The impact of EU consumption on deforestation: Comprehensive analysis of the impact of EU consumption on deforestation

Focus on deforestation in value chain. Analysis indicates the link between land use changes and deforestation data, link between embodied deforestation and trade flows and final consumption in the EU.

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The impact of EU consumption on deforestation: Identification of critical areas where Community policies and legislation could be reviewed

Effects of consumption creates demand for land which can lead to deforestation in third countries.

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Trends in size of tropical deforestation events signal increasing dominance of industrial-scale drivers

Deforestation driver trends mostly in Southeast Asia and South America are examined and demonstrate the need of this data to tackle forest clearings.

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Consumer Goods and Deforestation: An Analysis of the Extent and Nature of Illegality in Forest Conversion for Agriculture and Timber Plantations

Illegal forest clearing needs to be tackled by private sector, producer and consumer country governments.

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Whose Development? Indigenous Peoples and Megaprojects in the Peruvian Amazon

In Peru, impacts of large-scale infrastructure, industrial agribusinesses and exclusive policies are confrontation and social conflict between local communities and the State

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Company–community confect in Indonesia’s industrial plantation sector

Mediation, negotiation and court strategies for conflict resolution. Palm oil, pulp and paper plantations, and logging provokes conflict between local population, government, and industries.

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Land-use policies and corporate investments in agriculture in the Gran Chaco and Chiquitano

Agribusiness seek out less-regulated forest areas for new agricultural investments in Gran Chaco and Chiquitano.

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Scenarios of the future expansion of Oil Palm in Colombia: impacts generated by the biofuels sector

Impacts of palm oil expansion for biodiesel production in Colombia

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The effects of rural development policy on land rights distribution and land use scenarios: The case of oil palm in the Peruvian Amazon” Land Use Policy”

Palm oil plantation expansion can seriously alter land rights, land tenure regimes and land use strategies for local people in tropical forests.

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EIA still watching the RSPO’s palm oil audit watchmen

HSV poor, fraudulent and deficient environmental and social assessments and audits which often undermine RSPO palm oil certifications

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