Pulp and paper

Risky Business: Understanding the UK’s overseas footprint for deforestation-risk commodities

Analysis of UK consumption of agricultural, livestock and forestry commodities linked to overseas deforestation. Recommendations on actions for UK government to tackle deforestation.

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Company–community confect in Indonesia’s industrial plantation sector

Mediation, negotiation and court strategies for conflict resolution. Palm oil, pulp and paper plantations, and logging provokes conflict between local population, government, and industries.

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Trends in size of tropical deforestation events signal increasing dominance of industrial-scale drivers

Deforestation driver trends mostly in Southeast Asia and South America are examined and demonstrate the need of this data to tackle forest clearings.

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Consumer Goods and Deforestation: An Analysis of the Extent and Nature of Illegality in Forest Conversion for Agriculture and Timber Plantations

Illegal forest clearing needs to be tackled by private sector, producer and consumer country governments.

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Progress on the New York Declaration on Forests Eliminating Deforestation from the Production of Agricultural Commodities

Effects of agricultural industries on deforestation and the need to eliminate deforestation in supply chain by establish public sector goals (commitments, policies, assessments)

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Supply Change: Tracking Corporate Commitments to Deforestation-free Supply Chains

Reports on companies commitment to cease deforestation in supply chain, their increasing transparency of production sites, and interest t0 apply more policies.

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Land Legacy Issues: Guidance on Corporate Responsibility

A guide for companies to address legacy land issues, resolve grievances related to land, and mitigate the potential for future risks and inequities.

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What does zero deforestation mean?

Appeal for clarity of implication from public- and private-sector, policy-makers who commit to deforestation reduction targets, and those who advocate for them

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The challenge of establishing REDD+ on the ground: Insights from 23 subnational initiatives in six countries

Proposals for overcoming main challenges of REDD+ to greatly reduce deforestation and forest-based carbon emissions.

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Balancing carrots and sticks in REDD+: implications for social safeguards

Strategies to ensure social selfguarding of REDD+ programmes refering to forest clearing

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