Soybeans and soy products

The impact of EU consumption on deforestation: Comprehensive analysis of the impact of EU consumption on deforestation

Focus on deforestation in value chain. Analysis indicates the link between land use changes and deforestation data, link between embodied deforestation and trade flows and final consumption in the EU.

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The impact of EU consumption on deforestation: Identification of critical areas where Community policies and legislation could be reviewed

Effects of consumption creates demand for land which can lead to deforestation in third countries.

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Risky Business: Understanding the UK’s overseas footprint for deforestation-risk commodities

Analysis of UK consumption of agricultural, livestock and forestry commodities linked to overseas deforestation. Recommendations on actions for UK government to tackle deforestation.

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The impacts of unsustainable livestock farming and soybean production in Paraguay

Clearing of forests for arable land and more, causes displacement of people, lost of culture and livelihood as well as eradication of biodiversity

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Defensoras y Defensores Derechos Humanos en el Chaco Paraguayo: relatos de lucha por la tierra

Human right defenders experience harassment and violation because of defending indigenous land rights that are affected by large scale agribusinesses

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Progress on the New York Declaration on Forests Eliminating Deforestation from the Production of Agricultural Commodities

Effects of agricultural industries on deforestation and the need to eliminate deforestation in supply chain by establish public sector goals (commitments, policies, assessments)

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Supply Change: Tracking Corporate Commitments to Deforestation-free Supply Chains

Reports on companies commitment to cease deforestation in supply chain, their increasing transparency of production sites, and interest t0 apply more policies.

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OECD‐FAO Guidance for Responsible Agricultural Supply Chains

Enterprises are encouraged to observe and have existing standards for responsible business conduct along their agricultural supply chain.

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Deforestatión e Impunidad

Analysis of persecution cases related to deforestation in the Bosque Atlántico del Alto Paraná

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Respecting free, prior and informed consent: Practical guidance for governments, companies, NGOs, indigenous peoples and local communities in relation to land acquisition

Free, prior and informed consensus minimises risk of disputes escalating into conflict. Implementation should be insured by governments to protect indigenous people and right holders.

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